Scenes where plunger pumps are used

plunger pump
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Plunger pumps are also used in chemical plants.

There aren’t many examples in the batch plants I’m in charge of, but I’ll explain in what situations they are used.

High viscosity

Plunger pumps are suitable for pumping high viscosity liquids.

Since there are very few high viscosity liquids in batch plants, there are few examples of using plunger pumps for this purpose.

to keep the flow rate constant

Plunger pumps can be used when you want to stabilize the flow rate.

Since the flow rate is determined by the stroke, they are easier to control than centrifugal pumps.

They are sometimes used to send reaction liquids.

However, gravity flow is more common.

don’t want to stimulate

Plunger pumps are less likely to damage the contents.

Centrifugal pumps apply a shear force strong enough to crush solids.

There are dangerous substances in the world that can cause runaway reactions due to this force.

The world of chemistry is vast.


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