Air for diaphragm pump

daiaphragm pump air
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Diaphragm pumps are powered by air.

Mechanically, the quality of the air determines the pump’s lifespan.

No trash

Air is produced using air from the atmosphere.

Simply compressing air to make compressed air may provide enough power to drive a diaphragm pump, but it will not operate for long periods of time.

There are various types of debris floating in the air.

If this is not removed, it will cause clogs in the pump.

Lack of moisture

Air contains moisture.

Compressed air also contains residual moisture.

If this moisture gets into the pump, it can cause clogging or rust.

Suitable oil

It is preferable to have oil to drive a diaphragm pump.

Oil is not contained in air, but it is advantageous for operating machinery.

The performance of recent diaphragm pumps has improved, and there are an increasing number of cases where oil is not required in the compressed air itself.