High viscosity liquids are pumped using gear pumps

gear pump
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Gear pumps are pumps that are widely used in machinery and equipment.

They are rarely used in batch chemical plants, but there are still occasions when they are used.

We will briefly explain their features.

High viscosity liquid

Gear pumps are used for high viscosity liquids.

Diaphragm pumps and plunger pumps are also used for high viscosity liquids, but gear pumps are used for even higher viscosity liquids.

High Pressure Fluid

Transporting highly viscous liquids is almost synonymous with high pressure in the line.

This is only natural, as high viscosity means high pressure loss.

Easy to adjust flow rate

Gear pumps are easy to adjust the flow rate.

Like diaphragm pumps and plunger pumps, the flow rate can be determined almost entirely by the pump drive amount.

Note that this is “almost,” but not completely.

Beware of foreign objects

Gear pumps are prone to foreign matter generation.

This is natural because they have a mechanism that rubs metal against metal.

Unlike diaphragm pumps, one side is not made of resin, so care must be taken.


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