Features of the Line Pump

line pump
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Line pumps are small, vertical pumps.

They are often used in plants where there are many horizontal pumps.

High flow rate and low head

Line pumps can achieve high flow rates but not high head.

Line pumps can only be used in limited locations, but they do have their uses.

Chemical plants have a variety of needs for flow rates and head, but batch plants have a relatively high need for low flow rates and high head.

Since they do not operate continuously, there is little need for high flow rates.

However, there are cases where high flow rates and little head are required, such as for utilities.

Low installation cost

One of the features of line pumps is that they have low installation costs.

Because they are small, they do not require a dedicated foundation.

The pump does not need to be installed on the ground and can be installed at a high position, minimizing piping.

Not very corrosion resistant

Line pumps are not very corrosion resistant.

Resin-based pumps are difficult to manufacture.

In the world of pumps, where horizontal pumps are common, there is not much need for vertical casings, and production volumes are low, so there are not many pumps made of corrosion-resistant materials.