Performance expected from knife gate valves

knife gate
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A knife gate valve is a type of gate valve that is sometimes used around powder processing equipment.

We will explain its features and required performance.

Small face-to-face distance

The biggest feature of the knife gate valve is its face-to-face distance.

It is very small.

A small face-to-face distance creates more space for the equipment.

Powder equipment often requires special equipment, making it difficult to reduce the space required for each piece of equipment, and plants often have height restrictions, so a small face-to-face distance is a great help to piping designers.


Knife gate valves are expected to have a relatively high level of leak resistance.

Complete shutoff is not required, as with other valves.

For example, when filling drums with powder on a powder filling line, the drums may be moved by opening and closing only the knife gate valve.

The same operation can be performed with a butterfly valve, but the knife gate valve has the advantage of being faster, with a smaller face-to-face distance, and not compressing the flow path area.

No chafing

Due to the nature of knife gate valves, there is a possibility that the valve disc and valve body may rub against each other.

Wear powder is a natural enemy of powder equipment.

It is necessary to select the appropriate material so that damage is minimal even if they rub against each other.