Flow control by automatic diaphragm valve

auto diaphragm
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Diaphragm valves are suitable for flow control.

They can be used as automatic valves as well as manual valves.

Here are some of their features.

High corrosion resistance

Diaphragm valves can be made of fluororesin, which makes them highly corrosion resistant.

There are several options for the body, such as fluororesin lining or ceramic.

They are useful in chemical plants that handle highly corrosive liquids.

Easy flow control

Diaphragm valves are easy to control the flow rate.

They are easy to adjust, just like globe valves.

They are useful when flowing liquids used in reactions.


Diaphragm valves are generally expensive.

Even as manual valves they are more expensive than other valves, but as automatic valves they are even more expensive.

Naturally, the delivery time will be longer.


diaphragm valve