Diaphragm valves are easy to use in chemical plants

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A variety of valves are used in chemical plants.

Most of them are general-purpose ball valves, but diaphragm valves are also used.

The liquid contact part is made of resin

Diaphragm valves are made of resin. Resin is known for its high corrosion resistance.

Valves with high corrosion resistance are useful in chemical plants that handle many corrosive substances.

It is possible to give ball valves a certain degree of corrosion resistance, but they are expensive.

Flow rate can be adjusted

Diaphragm valves allow for a certain degree of flow rate adjustment.

Ball valves allow for the same.

Some valves, like gate valves, cannot be fully adjusted, so it is nice to have some degree of adjustment.

Reduces liquid accumulation

Diaphragm valves have less liquid accumulation.

Ball valves have less liquid accumulation as a valve, but there is a problem with liquid sealing.

In the case of diaphragm valves, liquid accumulation in the piping can occur, so care should be taken when designing the piping.