Copper tube with miniature valve

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Miniature valves are not often used in chemical plants because they are used in much larger valves.

One of the few places they are used is with copper tubing.

small lines are copper pipes

Copper pipes are convenient for small diameter lines.

  • Thin
  • Easy to process

Copper pipes are useful when attaching tubes by wrapping them around piping, such as trace lines.

Light valves are miniature valves

Heavy valves cannot be attached to weak piping such as copper pipes.

When we think of small-diameter, lightweight valves, miniature valves come to mind.

When using copper piping, highly corrosive chemicals cannot be handled, so miniature valves, which have material limitations, can be used satisfactorily.

It’s OK if it leaks

Miniature valves have poor sealing properties.

It would be more accurate to say that the copper pipe connections are weak.

Miniature valves should be used for lines where it is okay for the contents to leak.

Steam lines meet the above requirements.