Daily check of equipment rely on the five human senses

Daily check are extremely important to ensure safe and stable operation of equipment at chemical plants. This area is a ...

Three reasons why TPM in the manufacturing industry is useless

I introduced the reason why the TPM guidance meeting is said to be useless. There is no meaning in a sense of unity in which all members participate.

Weld repairs | typical 3 types at plant sight

weld repairs. Meat plate, doubling, backing plate. Even if you decide to do welding repair, there are several types and there are merits and demerits.

TBM, CBM, BM for equipment maintenance

The word TPM is probably more widely known than the word PM. Equipment maintenance engineers use the terms TBM, CBM, and BM on a daily basis.

MTBF/Failure Frequency /MTTR/Failure Severity

We introduced MTBF, failure severity rate, MTTR, and failure frequency rate as indicators of equipment reliability and maintainability.