Equipment diagnosis using sound speed

sound speed
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Equipment diagnosis is very important for stable and long-term use of equipment.

Since it is difficult to attach a measuring instrument to the equipment itself, the first thing that comes to mind when trying to attach an independent measuring instrument is a measuring instrument that uses sound.

There are also examples of using the speed of sound for chemical plants. However, the effect is not very high.

Pumps and other moving equipment

It is common to use sound in pump equipment diagnosis.

However, the human ear can distinguish to some extent without using a measuring device.

There are times when using a measuring device allows for faster detection, so it is possible to have it prepared at the time of patrol.

However, even if a problem is discovered during a patrol, it is usually a year before the part can be replaced.

In that case, I think it would be good to create a system to replace parts after a certain number of years.

Having fewer points to check during patrols allows for more concentration.

Pipe leak

One idea is to use sound when a pipe leaks.

We are considering gases with high flow rates.

When gas leaks from piping, the leak area is usually small, so the flow rate is very high.

This special sound can be detected with a measuring device.

Steam and nitrogen come to mind.

However, steam can be detected to some extent by humans.

Nitrogen is more valuable. With liquids, you can see if they are leaking with your eyes, so there is no need to use sound.


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