Piping analysis is rarely used

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Piping analysis software analyzes the thermal fluid in piping.

It is used by experts who graduated from mechanical and electrical engineering schools.

It is software linked to the study of thermal fluids and seems useful.

However, it is rarely used at plant sites.

Let me explain why we don’t use piping analysis software at my workplace.

The usage environment is complex

Batch plants, like the one I work at, have very complicated operating conditions.

They are not determined by one condition, but rather multiple conditions must be considered.

In most cases, even if you know that one condition will be a problem, it is difficult to completely eliminate other conditions.

This is a crucial difference from the analysis of continuous plants.

No trouble

Piping problems are less likely to occur in batch plants because the temperatures and pressures that cause problems are not high.

It can also be said that the operating environment is not harsh.

Exchange is a quicker solution

Even if a piping problem occurs, solving the problem takes priority, so it is solved by simply replacing the pipe.

Since problems do not occur frequently, it is often the case that the same problem does not occur for 10 years or more even after replacement.

There are few opportunities to use analysis software to solve problems or think about streamlining.


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