Should I put a sensor on the pump?

pump sensor
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Sensing a better maintenance solution for pump systems | Plant Engineering
AI and ML can support better maintenance and improved overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) of pump systems.

This article describes the following.

  • Motors such as pumps consume a lot of power.
  • Optimize maintenance by attaching sensors to motors

Even in Japan, mechanical monitoring will become necessary due to the declining birthrate.

In Japan, where the idea of maintenance is slow, it seems like it will still take some time.

limited to large motors

It is true that if a motor breaks down, it will be a big loss for factory operations.

However, it is not realistic to attach sensors to all motors.

The title of the article makes me think that sensors should only be attached to pumps.

As mentioned in the article, we are targeting motors such as compressors in addition to pumps.

In small plants such as batch plants, it should only be considered for large motors such as compressors.

Explosion-proof regulations are strict

In Japan, explosion-proof regulations are strict.

If you try to add a sensor, the cost will be enormous.

That’s why I feel resistance to the idea of attaching a sensor to a motor.

There are so many things that can be done with sensors, so it would be great if it could be done easily in Japan as well.

Install two units in parallel

When considering maintenance of pumps and compressors, it is more advantageous to have multiple units than sensors.

  • Easy to respond to changes in capacity
  • Even if one car breaks, you can still drive it.

Person must perform vibration diagnosis and periodically switch between the two machines.

Under conditions where this is difficult, attaching a sensor would be a priority.

Japan will probably have to think about it eventually.

It’s not a good idea to wait and see

The idea of a sensor on the pump, I’m negative for now

The story in this article is definitely a new initiative.

It’s just that it’s difficult in Japan, and if we don’t do anything, it will become obsolete.

I’m very jealous of the environment where we can try new things.