Automatic adjustment for optimal pump operation

pump auto operation
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Auto-adjustment is one way to ensure efficient pump operation.

This is especially important in places where the conditions of use change from moment to moment.

Selection requires some thought.

Automatic pressure detection

Automatic operation of the pump requires automatic detection of the pressure inside the system.

Although it is possible to detect it by flow rate, it is easier to detect it by pressure.

Speed ​​adjustment with inverter

Automatic adjustment of pump operation involves changing the rotation speed, which is changed by an inverter.

If an explosion-proof motor is required, such as in a chemical plant, the inverter will require combination testing, so be careful when selecting it.

There is ample lifting height

When automatically adjusting pump operation, a certain head margin is necessary.

If a pump is designed for specific conditions, the flow rate and head will decrease when the rotation speed is reduced.

If the head drops too low, the pump will no longer be able to operate.

In this case, a device such as an accumulator is required to enable operation.


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