Determine centrifugal pump specifications

We will explain the operating conditions required to determine the design conditions for centrifugal pump. Designing cen...

Design of water scrubber used for exhaust gas suction

We will explain the concept behind the design of waterscrubbers. It is useful as equipment for safely processing exhaust...

Explaining the knowledge of mechanical seal

Mechanical seal are, in a sense , a must-know if you are an electromechanical engineer in a chemical plant . The mechani...

Tips for using glass lining equipment for a long time

We will explain the basics of glass lining equipment, which is often used in batch chemical plants. Since it has high co...

Easy explanation of the equation of motion of beam vibration

Although there are limits to finding analytical solutions and we must rely on calculation software, this essence is very important for verification.

Shell and tube heat exchanger | basic structure

I explained the main parts of the shell and tube heat exchanger. Shells, tubes, bonnets, flanges, gaskets, baffles, tie rods, spacers, etc. are important.

Reasons why ejector play an important role in chemical plants

ejector. high corrosion resistance, space saving, and can be used in explosion-proof areas, steam is useful because of its wide range of applications.

the shape of the tank nozzle by dividing it into 9 patterns

classified into top plate, side plate, bottom plate, and elements such as liquid gas, insertion tube, and reservoir. the shape of the tank nozzle collectively.

Combination design of Safety valve and Reduce valve

A safety valve has a blow-off pressure, a blow-off pressure, and a set pressure, and a pressure-reducing valve also has a shut-off pressure and a set pressure.

Design tips for safe use of tank manhole

I explained what to think about when designing manholes for chemical plant tanks. It summarizes the function, size, thickness, and material of manholes.