It is not a good idea to vary the speed of the pump.

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It is common knowledge that adjusting pump speed can save energy.

There is nothing wrong with this from a mechanical perspective, such as a pump.

However, from the perspective of actual operation and maintenance, this is an issue that must be considered very carefully.

no meaning for small power

If you are looking for energy savings, you should first think about large amounts of power.

When we think of large sources of power in chemical plants, we think of utilities such as cooling water.

It is easy to imagine that it is effective for all types of power, but considering the cost of introduction, the range of application is limited.

Check whether it follows changes in operating conditions

Even if it is possible to arbitrarily change the rotation speed according to the operating conditions, it is necessary to check whether it can be operated properly at low rotation speeds.

If you run the coolant pump at a low rotation speed, a fatal problem may occur where the coolant cannot be pumped.

Please think carefully about whether you are willing to commit to energy saving even if you are willing to take that risk.

don’t know when it will break down

You never know when a device that changes the rotation speed, such as an inverter, will break down.

This requires maintenance preparation and costs.

Avoid focusing only on operating costs and ignoring maintenance costs.

For that reason, I personally think it is wiser to apply it only to large amounts of power.


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