Departments involved with chemical plant mechanical engineers

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Mechanical engineers in chemical plant work with many people inside and outside of the chemical plant.

The ability to communicate is also a skill.

This is not a job where you can sit at a desk and think about things alone, and only speak at presentations.

Like most jobs, being a mechanical engineer often involves interacting with people.

If you are interested in this job, it would be best to first understand information about the people and departments involved.

Engineering department

Mechanical engineers are a group of mechanical, plumbing, electrical, instrumentation, and civil engineering engineers.

There are many people who graduated from universities’ engineering departments, especially mechanical departments.

There are not many people with mechanical backgrounds in chemical company.

At chemical plants, mechanical engineers are responsible for plant expansion, renovation, and plant maintenance.

For remodeling, we are responsible for operations related to plant equipment, such as purchasing equipment and designing piping and wiring.

It is a long project that takes more than a year from securing the budget and starting construction to completion.

We discuss each case with experts in mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, civil engineering, and construction to finalize specifications.

If there is a problem with the equipment, the maintenance department will take emergency action.

We will also consider measures to prevent the same problem from happening again.

Considering long-term plans for the plant is also part of maintenance work.

Production department

The manufacturing department is a customer for mechanical engineers.

We listen to the needs of the manufacturing department, decide on the necessary specifications, and create materials for construction.

The manufacturing department may include process engineers.

Either way, they are experts in chemical engineering and chemical synthesis.

As a mechanical specialist, it is safe to say that mechanical engineers are entrusted with equipment by the manufacturing department.

Mechanical engineers are in charge of important work so that the manufacturing department can use equipment with peace of mind.

Partner company

Mechanical engineers work with construction companies called partner company.

Our subcontractor has a workshop on the same factory premises.

They are responsible for plant maintenance as well as simple expansion and renovation work.

When it comes to major construction work, we hire a plant engineering company.

We communicate with our partner companies on a daily basis.

Building good relationships with them will contribute to stable plant operation.

equipment manufacturer

When purchasing plant equipment or parts, we ask the equipment manufacturer.

As a company that makes specialized equipment for plants, it is important to make regular requests and build a good relationship with them.

If you don’t do this, the equipment manufacturer may not be able to help you if a problem occurs.

Equipment manufacturers do not have offices in the same plant, so there are few opportunities to interact with them, but that is why communication is so important.

Production planning department

Production planning involves coordinating production schedules and construction schedules.

Coordinating construction schedules is an important job for mechanical engineers who plan construction projects.

Determining the construction timing is very important because the production quantity and production period change depending on the production plan, which affects the basic operation of the plant.

A common example is a situation where the production plan comes first and the construction schedule is determined, ignoring the construction circumstances, and the mechanical and electrical engineers have no choice but to comply.

Problems may arise, such as the quality of the construction work becoming poor or the work not being completed in time.

To prevent this from happening, mechanical engineers need to advocate properly.

quality assurance department

There are not many opportunities for the quality assurance department and mechanical engineers to interact.

Probably when there is a problem with the product after construction is completed and production begins.

This is to clear any suspicions that there may have been a problem with the construction.

I have never had much involvement with the quality assurance department either.

general affairs department

Mechanical engineers have little to do with the general affairs department.

The general affairs department is essential to the operation of the factory, but mechanical engineers are mainly involved in construction and maintenance, so it is difficult to get involved.