What is required of a pump coupling cover

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Pump coupling covers are extremely important as a safety measure for rotating machinery such as plants.

However, in Japan, at least, there are no clear unified rules, and each company follows its own standards.

We have organized what is required of a coupling cover.

can’t put my finger inside

Coupling covers are necessary to keep people away from rotating parts.

The coupling is the part that connects the pump and motor, and must be secured with bolts.

Since it is a part that can be attached and removed, it is in an open state.

If you continue to use the motor to rotate it, people may get caught up in it.

This type of accident is very common, and coupling covers are required to prevent people from being accidentally caught in them.

The cover is fixed and must not come into contact with rotating parts.

A gap is required.

The gap must be small enough that a person’s finger cannot fit inside.

Easy to install and remove during maintenance

The coupling cover must be able to be easily installed and removed.

For example, there is a strong need to remove them immediately for maintenance.

However, if it comes off easily, it poses a safety problem.

It requires a difficult structure that can be easily installed and removed during maintenance, but cannot be easily touched during operation.

to be able to see inside

The structure is required so that the inside can be seen a little while driving.

This prevents dirt from accumulating inside and prevents heat from building up.

For a simple structure, a simple box could be made as a coupling cover.

As long as the gap is small enough that a person’s finger cannot fit, there will be no safety issue.

However, since it is not possible to visually check the condition of the coupling, someone may try to remove the cover and check it while driving.

If the cover is difficult to install or remove, it will remain removed.

To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to have an inspection port that allows you to see the contents while driving.



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