Leveling the pump is extremely important

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In order to operate rotating machinery safely, it is very important to have a solid foundation for the machine.

The basics may not be noticeable, but they are very important.

The work surface is not a uniform horizontal

In factories such as chemical plants, floors are often finished with concrete.

This is to prevent liquids such as hazardous materials from penetrating underground.

Even if concrete is constructed over a large area, it is very difficult to create a clean horizontal surface.

Even if you place rotating machinery such as pumps directly on the floor, it may be difficult to create a horizontal surface.

It is best not to place the pump directly on the floor as it may become submerged due to hazardous materials or rainwater.

Steel frame alone is not enough

If it is not possible to place the pump directly on the floor, one idea is to place a steel frame on the floor.

This is certainly effective, but it doesn’t make it perfectly level.

If the concrete floor itself has a slope, it is natural that the steel frame frame above it will also have a slope.

Steel frames are used to prevent pumps from submerging in water, but concrete foundations may also be used.

In this case, the situation does not change much.

Due to the narrow area of concrete construction, the surface is closer to horizontal than the floor surface, but it is not perfect.

Height adjustment with thin metal

Thin metal plates are used to horizontally install rotating machinery such as pumps.

It’s called a liner

Adjust the pump so that it is horizontal by combining multiple pieces of thin metal in mm units.

Measure with a spirit level

After adjusting the horizontal level using the liner, check with a spirit level.

In order to get it within the acceptable range, you will have to adjust the thickness of the liner several times.