Features of magnetic drive pumps

magnetic drive
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I basically agree with this article.

However, there are some areas where opinions differ slightly, so I will write about them.

efficiency is not too high.

Magnetic drive pumps are slightly less efficient than centrifugal pumps.

It is best to think of this as the number of motors.

The motor mentioned here can be thought of as a part that transmits non-mechanical force.

There is a loss of power here.

Centrifugal pump uses one motor, while magnetic drive pump uses two motors.

It is clear that magnetic drive pumps are less efficient.

In the case of centrifugal pump, there is a loss of power due to the long shaft and bearings.

Still, I think it’s easy to imagine that there is more power loss with magnetic drive pumps.

It’s not a big difference, so you probably won’t notice it while using it.

O-rings are not good when considering corrosion resistance.

Magnetic drive pumps are highly corrosion resistant pumps.

However, be careful with O-ring.

Although the risk of leakage is lower than with mechanical seal types, O-rings have pitfalls.

If you try to improve corrosion resistance with O-ring, it will be expensive.

Gasket type would be cheaper and provide better corrosion resistance.

maintenance is very good

The maintainability of magnetic drive pumps is very good.

This means repair work.

Replacement of mechanical seals requires specialized personnel

However, replacing parts of Magnetic drive pumps does not require specialized knowledge.

At my workplace, operators replace them.

Not having to call in workers is a big advantage in terms of maintenance.