Trace heat insulation work at batch plants

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There are several types of insulation for plant piping.

However, batch plants are mostly trace.

I don’t use bolt-on jacketing

temperature is not high

The handling temperature of batch plants is not high.

It feels very high when it exceeds 100℃.

Trace is less effective at keeping you warm than a jacket, but it’s still good enough.

Requires installation and removal

Traces are easy to install and remove

Bolt-on jackets can also be installed and removed, but they are generally heavier.

When piping or tracing becomes clogged, it is not possible to easily inspect it.

Tracing has a simple structure, so it is useful at plant sites.


Traces are cheap. Of course it’s cheaper than a bolt-on jacket.

In batch plants where temperature needs are not high, the low cost of tracing is attractive.