It is difficult for engineers to improve their skills

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Improving the skills of engineers is a challenge at chemical plants.

Skill improvement is becoming more difficult every year.

Even if I look at articles from 20 years ago, I feel that the basics have not changed.

Plant technology improvements are limited

Plant technology continued to advance until 2000.

Since 2000, there has been little technological innovation.

Progress through DX has been seen around 2020, but it is only being suspended by the external factor of DX.

There has been little progress in the hardware aspects of equipment, such as materials, workability, delivery dates, and costs.

Even if you try to improve your skills, once you have mastered the old techniques, you will be able to get by without any further effort.

However, there are still many skills to be learned.

have little desire to study

Engineers are less motivated to learn

Recently, the use of e-learning has become more active.

You can learn the basics of chemical plant technology at university, but you cannot learn the basics of practical work.

What you can learn through e-learning is basic content, but even if you learn the basics that are relevant to practical work at a company, that doesn’t mean it’s enough.

The important thing is growth through discussion.

No matter how much input you give, if you can’t produce output, you won’t be able to grow.

  • I have a lot to learn and am not confident in my output.
  • it takes time to learn
  • Few people can teach
  • While I am taking longer to output, I notice that my colleagues are producing more output and I can feel the difference.

A characteristic of workplaces like mechanical and electrical engineers at chemical plants is that confidence gradually erodes as this process is repeated.

unpopular industry

Mechanical and electrical engineering in chemical plants is an unpopular industry.

It’s difficult to improve your skills when there are fewer people.

You can learn a lot from the people you interact with at work. That opportunity is becoming fewer and fewer.

There are limits to what you can do as a mechanical and electrical engineer in Japan, so you will have no choice but to look overseas.