DCS software | A non-specialist mechanical engineer explains overview

The DCS is an extremely important piece of equipment that can be called the brain of a chemical plant. Operators also te...

Pressure gauge | simple principle on-site

Pressure gauge can be seen everywhere in chemical plants. I think some engineers don't think deeply about it because it'...

Thermometer | all you need to know in chemical process

I will explain about thermometer. Thermometers are the most familiar, fundamental, and important process instruments. Bo...

A very rough overview of the hardware part of DCS

DCS system, cubicle nest card, signal, instruction record alarm, power supply, duplication, sequencer

Quickly understand the types of level gauge used in chemical plants

the contents of the liquid level gauge that appears in the batch chemical plant. Differential pressure type, radio wave type, float type, direct view type

Automatic valve and control valve for chemical plants

control valve type, valve seat, operation method, CV value, solenoid valve, limit switch, air cylinder, positioner, speed controller