Formula for calculating the required stirring power

This sectionexplains the calculation formula for stirring power. We'll focus on the basics that users who use many stirr...

Easy design method for powder storage hopper

We will explain how to decide the shape of the powder storage hopper. When designing a hopper, volume calculations are t...

5 major utility of chemical plant

I will explain the utility of chemical plants. Although utilities are not a major concern for plant engineers, they are ...

Intuitive understanding of agitator flow patterns

I will introduce the knowledge about the flow pattern of the agitator. Mechanical and electrical engineers of chemical p...

U-factor | Overall Heat Transfer Coefficient

U-factor. I explained how to collect on-site data for the overall heat transfer coefficient (U value) in a batch chemical plant.

Plate heat exchanger | equipment design concept

I introduced the design of a plate heat exchanger as an example of using the calorific formula Q=mcΔt in a chemical plant.

Mounting orientation of restricting orifice

Restricting orifice for head liquid transfer ・The orifice direction expands to the downstream side.The orifice direction expands to the downstream side.

How to simplify pump pressure drop

pressure drop. In practice, a simple calculation that considers only the height and the pressure loss in areas where clogging is likely to occur is sufficient.

Standard flow rate and Piping design

I explained the average flow rate in the pipes of a batch-type chemical plant. They are divided into liquids, gases, slurries, and entrained gases.