Balancing automation and maintenance

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With the current declining birthrate and aging population, automation has become a hot topic.

While automation on the driving side is progressing relatively easily, the maintenance side is progressing very slowly.

The concept itself has been around for a long time on the maintenance side, but there are few manufacturers that are seriously taking it up.

Automatic lubrication is one of them.


The intervals between lubricant refills are generally very long.

Six months or even a year is too short.

Factories that have a lot of equipment that needs to be replenished even once a month likely have some problems with how it is being used.

For some equipment, it is effective to change the lubricant only once every few years, such as during an overhaul.

The reduced frequency of lubricant changes is the result of efforts made by manufacturers.

One could also say that automation is already optimized using analog methods.

Low cost

The cost of replacing the lubricant is not high

There is no need for a dedicated technician.

Even if you need one, that should be enough.

Because supplies are not supplied frequently, it is a job that can be done by one person, even if the factory is large.

I repeat, if a large number of people are required, you should question how you are using it in the first place.

Automation may be broken

Analog automation, such as automatic refueling systems, is difficult to monitor.

A human must check that it is working properly.

Automated equipment can be used for facilities in places that are difficult for people to access, or other conditions that require a lot of effort, but people still have to go and check them in the end.

If that is the case, it would be deemed that there is no problem if someone checks the car less frequently and refuels each time.

It would be nice to have automation, but it’s not essential.